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Terms & Conditions


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When you complete your order online you will get information on how and where to send your payment. 
You can select this payment option when you are entering your bill to and ship to information. This is the fastest payment, you can place your order and pay securely.


At the bottom of every page on our web site it says "Terms & Conditions Ordering means you agree with Our Term & Conditions page (Shipping and Payment page, Return Policy Page)." This means to us that you have read our Terms page and agree to our policies and procedures outlined on this page. Sections that are important are warranty, restock fee, returns, and refunds. We have designed our shopping cart so when you check out you have to check a box saying you agree to the terms and conditions on our page and we also mention in our order receipt page the same thing. We have done this to avoid any misunderstandings. This approach has worked for us and and our customers who understand our straight forwardness about doing business.



Errors do occur rarely but when they do we reserve the right to claim that prices and availability are subject to change without notice. Thus, the placement of an order on our web site is not always binding. Our customers understand and agree to this and will not hold us liable for mistakes. If an incorrect ship method/cost is chosen when ordering we will then with your approval adjust the shipping cost. We are not bound or obligated to honor shipping prices mistakenly chosen or posted to our web site.  

Placing orders on Mahaka Fishing Store implies consent to abide by the terms and conditions below as well as the terms in our Return Policy.

The terms and conditions of sale apply to the sale of all goods and services provided by Mahaka Fishing Store Any variations or cancellations of these conditions shall not be binding unless agreed to by Mahaka Fishing Store in writing.

Price and Assurance Policy

Pricing on Mahaka Fishing Store is subject to change without notice. Mahaka Fishing Store reserves the right to correct pricing on items listed incorrectly and to notify the customer prior to shipping of the item of an additional balance due or offer to cancel the order.

Lowest Price Guarantee!

Mahaka Fishing Store is guaranteed to have the lowest delivered price on any product we carry. Other companies may appear to have lower prices at first glance, but once shipping costs are included Mahaka Fishing Store will always come out ahead because of our low flat rate shipping on your whole order.

*Lowest Price Guarantee is at our discretion and does not include sales or promotional prices. The item must be in stock at the other retailer. Buyer must be a registered distributor of the product offered. The lowest price will be determined by calculating all costs including shipping and handling associated with the item at the other retailer.